Looking for a quick getaway from the city near the city?

What makes us unique?

Riverwood Holiday Homes (RHH) is a small boutique family run resort, set in our beautiful nature, just outside Kuala Kubu Bahru. RHH is situated about 500m from Chilling Waterfalls and 18km from Fraser’s Hill. Sungai Chilling flows a short walk away from our homes and the sound of gushing water heard when resting on the patio is absolutely fantastic and does wonders to the mind and soul.

RHH is an ideal place for a quick getaway from the city and to have relaxing time with friends and family. It is a wonderful place ‘to chill out’ literally in the Chilling River. RHH is a short trek away from Chilling Waterfalls which can be an afternoon expedition. We do not provide wifi and even phone signals are limited…so our guest are ‘forced’ to rest and just spend time with each other. Many guest have arrived thinking, “there is nothing to do here” but all of them leave saying “this is exactly what we needed and will surely be back.”

RHH also caters food and beverages upon request. Request to be made upon confirmation of booking or 2 weeks prior to your stay.

Kubu Cottage

Kubu Cottage is a wooden cabin with 3 en-suite bedrooms which accomodates 6 people. The whole cabin is to be rented out for RM 750 per night.
We can add 5 additional beds comfortably for RM 50 each bed

Price : RM 750.00

Pertak Rooms

Pertak Rooms are available. There are 3 en-suite rooms available to be rented individually, two with single beds and the other room with a double bed.

Price : RM 250.00 per room