Food and Beveranges

F&B can be provided by our small home based caterers, Simple Spices' for your convenience. They are very flexible and guests may request for dishes that is not included in the menu provided here but because they are not based at our resort permenantly, they will need a 2 week advance notice for F&B bookings for your stay.
Minimum pax for catering is for 10.

Breakfast - RM10.00 per pax

English/American Breakfast

Toasted Bread/Plain Bread
2 pcs Sausages
1 pc Egg Fried or Bulls-Eye or Scrambled


Local Breakfast

Fried Mee Hoon with Taufoo and small shrimps
1 pc Egg fried or bulls-eye


Indian Breakfast

Tosai or Idili or Appan (Indian Pancakes) – 2 kinds served
Coconut Chatni (Spicy)
Dhall / Dhalcha (Mixed meet & Vegetable)
Tomato Chatni

Lunch - RM 20.00 per pax

Nasi Lemak Package

Nasi Lemak
1 pc Full boiled Egg
Cuttle Fish Sambal or Chicken Rendang
Stirred Vegetable
Fried Ikan Bilis
Cordial Juice/Plain Water

----- Or -----

Chicken Rice Package

Chicken Rice
Steamed Chicken
Pepper prepared Sliced Gizzards
Stirred Bean Sprout with salted fish
Home-made Chilly Sauce
Cordial Juice/Plain Water

----- Or -----

Rice Package

Plain Rice / Ghee Rice / Plain Briyani Rice
Chicken Curry or Mutton Curry
Stirred French Beans with Carrots or Stirred Cabbage with taufoo
Egg Sambal – 1 pc each
Soup (any choice)
Cordial Juice/Plain Water

----- Or -----

Briyani Package - RM 25.00 per pax

Chicken/Mutton/Fish or Prawn/Vegetable Briyani with cashew nuts and raisins
Served with:
Tomato & Cucumber Raita (yogurt)
Vegetable Dhalcha
Potato stir fried sambal style
Boiled Carrots
Cordial Juice

Dinner - RM 20.00 per pax

Plain Rice / Tomato Rice
Chicken Curry or Mutton Curry
Stir fired vegetables
Taufoo Sambal – 2 pcs each
Soup (any choice)
Cordial Juice/Plain Water

----- Or -----

BBQ Dinner - RM 60.00 per pax

1 pc Lamb
1 pc Chicken
1 pc Baked Kembong Fish or 3 pc prawns
Relevant sauces
Mee Hoon Fried with taufoo & eggs
Garlic Bread
Mash Potato or Baked Potatoes
Sweet Corn
Boiled Carrots
Cordial Juice & Water
Labour Cost for barbeque if required - RM60.00